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Foxman and the
Cat Burglar


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Cassandra’s life flashes before her eyes when she gets trapped in a subway door. It’s a disappointing life, she never landed the big role and she may be engaged to the wrong man. Rescued by a kind-eyed stranger she gets a second chance to make good on her Broadway dreams, straighten out her love life, and deliver some karmic justice to the city in the guise of a slinky Cat Burglar. So long as she can shake off that pesky Foxman and the bungling Police Detectives on her tail.


Wilfredo’s skateboarding fox costume is a hit on Halloween. But an unexpected tussle with a fleeing thief in a Cat Burglar suit leads to a spectacular wipe out. He has no clue his mishap has been recorded in a soon to be viral video. Nor does he recognize his masked opponent as the green-eyed girl whose number he lost a month ago. Reveling in his every blunder is Captain Pete, the ventriloquist dummy from his childhood, whose snarky comments leave poor Wilfredo clinging to his sanity by his fingernails.

A stagehand and an aspiring actor are drawn into a masked rivalry, never suspecting that hiding behind the mask is a familiar face.

“Heras charms with simple prose and a wry-but-earnest fondness for working-class New York.”
Publishers Weekly


“The Intergalactic interloper is packed with fun and weird ideas and is immensely enjoyable.”

—Thoroughly Modern Reviewer

New York, New York
Foxman and the Cat Burglar is a self published book. Thank you for supporting independent artists and writers!
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