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New York, New York

In this debut novel we meet the residents of an East Village block whose lives are thrown into turmoil by an extraterrestrial landing. There's a wanna-be rock star, his eccentric rabbit-loving neighbor, a cursed superintendent, and a ghost-obsessed old woman, along with a remarkable cat. Their intersecting paths are all drawn inexorably upwards, to the otherworldly creature lurking overhead.

A neighborhood is turned upside down
when an alien lands on a New York rooftop.

“[A] whimsical slice-of-life debut... Heras charms with simple prose and a wry-but-earnest fondness for working-class New York... There’s plenty to love in this light, offbeat take on a favorite sci-fi trope.”
Publishers Weekly


“The Intergalactic interloper is packed with fun and weird ideas and is immensely enjoyable.”

—Thoroughly Modern Reviewer

The Intergalactic Interloper is a self published book. Thank you for supporting independent artists and writers!
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