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Delas Heras is the pen name of Stephen De Las Heras, a New York City based writer and indie novelist. He is the author of three works of fiction, The Intergalactic Interloper, Foxman and the Catburglar, and The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon. 

His work doesn't fall neatly into a genre category, as he enjoys mixing contemporary fiction with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and romance. His books are all set in New York, and portray a lighthearted take on city life. An amateur artist with some skill in line drawing, he enjoys creating the cover art and design for his own books.

Born in Los Angeles in 1968, Delas Heras moved to Europe at age three, living in London and Madrid, before moving back stateside as a 16 year old. He is bi-lingual and holds dual citizenship in the US and Spain. Delas Heras graduated from Drew University, where he majored in Political Science, and minored in English Literature, before obtaining his masters in education from NYU. One of his first jobs was a five year stint in book publishing, where he worked his way up from intern to editor at Tor/Forge Books. He met his wife while working in publishing, and they were married in 2001. He moved on from the book industry to pursue creative projects, while temping on the side, and then when his son was born he took on the role of primary caregiver. After that he pursued a career in freelance photography, consisting mainly of performance and studio shoots with local dance companies in New York City for many years. During the pandemic he took advantage of the shutdown to finish up his first novel, and then write two more. He currently works full time as a security guard at a major New York City museum to help fund his continued passion for writing. Delas Heras lives in Manhattan with his wife and his tuxedo ca


Interview with Indie Reader

Photos © Stephen De Las Heras   (Can be used with permission)
Author Photo In pink shirt leaning on sign post © Jean Andre Antoine

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