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Advance Praise:

“Heras delivers a rollicking murder mystery—starring cats and dogs—set in 1950s New York City.… A quirky premise and sharp twists and turns make this mystery page-turning fun.”Kirkus Reviews

"With a surprising mix of hard-boiled drama and cartoon comedy, Delas Heras spins an enchanting tale of life, death and afterlife in The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon."IndieReader

“This fun, fast-paced mystery adds a fantastic twist to adult detective fiction as furry protagonists in an alternative New York City seek justice in life and the afterlife.”—Blueink Reviews


“It is a fun, often hilarious alternate world hosting a story that brims with clever puns.”—Foreword Clarion Reviews

Murder, ghosts, and a vengeful fiancée?

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon is the purr-fect blend of urban fantasy, detective story, and ghostly fun. Set in the 1950s, in an alternate world run by cats and dogs, the action kicks off with the mysterious murder of journalist Flint Lockford on the streets of Greenwich Village. Junior Detective Morton Digby and his partner Detective J.B. Puddleworth launch their investigation, but must contend with Flint’s feisty fiancée, Bianca Moon, who is determined to take justice into her own paws.


Meanwhile, Flint’s ghost arrives at Ghosthall, an abandoned courthouse now home to a band of rowdy ghosts. There he meets new friends and learns the ins and outs of being a spook. When he sets out to find Bianca, he is shocked to learn she has embarked on a reckless quest for revenge. Determined to protect her from her own feline fury, but limited by his ghostly powers, Flint must rely on Junior Detective Morton Digby and his partner to collar the killers before Bianca runs out of lives.

New York, New York
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A neighborhood is turned upside down

when an alien lands on a New York rooftop.

In this debut novel we meet the residents of an East Village block whose lives are thrown into turmoil by an extraterrestrial landing. There's a wanna-be rock star, his eccentric rabbit-loving neighbor, a cursed superintendent, and a ghost-obsessed old woman, along with a remarkable cat. Their intersecting paths are all drawn inexorably upwards, to the otherworldly creature lurking overhead.

“Heras charms with simple prose and a wry-but-earnest fondness for working-class New York... There’s plenty to love in this light, offbeat take on a favorite sci-fi trope.”
—Publishers Weekly


“The Intergalactic interloper is packed with fun and weird ideas and is immensely enjoyable.”

—Thoroughly Modern Reviewer

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